Heat Treatment

Induction Hardening is a form of Heat Treatment in which a metal component is heated by Induction Heating and then Quenched. The quenched metal undergoes a martensitic transformation, increasing the Hardness and Brittleness of the component. Induction Hardening is used to selectively harden areas of a component or assembly without affecting the properties of the component as a whole.

Induction Hardening Machines

Sr. Description Make Capacity Suitable For Quantity
1 Induction Hardening Machine Inductotherm 250 KW Medium Frequency 1 Nos.

Tempering Furnace

Sr. Description Make Size Suitable For Quantity
1 Tempering Furnace Quartet Thermal 1mtr.X1mtr.X1.5mtr. 700° C max. 1 Nos.